Wael Abou-Zaki and Ricardo Frazier of Zaki Rose
Wael Abou-Zaki
Principal & Creative Director

Wael “L” Abou-Zaki is a connector, director, producer, story teller, creative mind and entrepreneur. Abou-Zaki spent his early career in radio as a creative director and on-air personality under iHeart Media. Wael “L” was the spark that started Zaki Rose and continues to guide it into new directions as co-founder and Creative Director. His experience in film, agency, radio, concert and music platforms keep him on the pulse of influencers across a variety of entertainment and creative industries.

Ricardo Frazer
Principal & Director of Business Development

Ricardo is a pioneer of music business in Seattle, co-founder of Zaki Rose Media, manager to Sir Mix A Lot, multi theatre group board member and long time entrepreneur. He has worked in conjunction with Universal Music Group, Sony Music, Warner Bros., and Rick Rubin, as well as the Seattle Arts Commission and the Seattle Theater Group. He is a member of the Tukwila school board and a voice in the economic development of the city of Seattle. BA, MBA, Father of 3.

Rahhel Woldu for Zaki Rose
Rahhel Woldu
Brand Ambassador & Stylist
Amir Allayahar for Zaki Rose
Amir Allayahar
Production Manager
Zach Self for Zaki Rose
Zachary Self
Senior Digital Strategist
About Zaki Rose

Zaki•Rose is a full service creative agency, production and entertainment company. What sets us apart is the ability for our Entertainment group to work closely with our production arm in flushing out musical requirements, which speaks to the look and feel of a particular piece of production. Our ability to convey emotion through our music and image speaks directly to our agency and how we approach our diverse client base.