Seattle Chamber of Commerce


Zaki•Rose was tasked to deliver a TV PSA and Radio PSA campaign for The Seattle-Metro Chamber of Commerce. The goal was to increase membership through a unique approach. We developed a creative strategy that explained how the Chamber doesn’t do your job, but connects you with the right people and tools to grow your business. We decided the perfect way to do this was to have Sir Mix-A-Lot try his hand as a barista, doctor and a few other jobs. The message was clear, he is miserable at what he doesn’t know but once sitting on the other side of the table, his job and life became that much easier, simply through the Chamber’s connection.

Zaki•Rose staffed a 14 person crew that shot 4 locations throughout the Seattle-Metropolitan area. From Virginia Mason Hospital to We Works, Pho Cyclo restaurant and Top Pot Donuts, our crew nailed each location with its actors and Chamber staff on site.

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